Capture to Canvas is a Supplier of Wholesale Canvas Prints and Photo to Canvas Gallery Wraps.

Our Wholesale Canvas Print Quality

Our materials are carefully and selectively purchased to ensure lasting quality. From our durable canvas to our vivid inks to our wooden stretcher bars, you will notice a significant difference in quality from other average photo to canvas printing companies. Our past experiences in dealing with canvas printing companies from a designer's perspective have taught us the value of uncompromiseably high standards. Our quality standards ensure that you receive the best canvas print for your money.

Our Process

After you place your order, we begin a strict process to ensure a beautiful final product. First, our professional graphic designers look over your photo and adjust it for maximum detail and color; if there are any issues, we may contact you during this process to resolve them. Next, we send the art to print with our superior vivid inks on our premium bright white canvas that resists sagging and flaking. After 24 hours, the ink is dry and the canvas is ready to be spray coated with our unique scratch resistant varnish. As the varnish dries, we custom cut and wedge-join the smooth wooden stretcher bars. Finally, our gallery wraps are stretched taut by hand and inspected. At this point, the canvas is ready to ship.

Our Materials

Bright White, Textured Canvas (Not The Cheap Stuff!) - After rigorous quality testing of over 10 major manufacturers and 30 brands of canvas, we have selected the canvas that demonstrates best-in-class durability, brightness, and color gamut. This durable, 18-mil thick canvas is made up of bright white, poly/cotton blended material with a tight weave that resists tearing and improves image detail. Its inkjet receptive topcoat is unmatched in producing the most vivid images and its brightness & wide color gamut places it at the top of its class. We understand it's not the cheapest canvas, but we refuse to sacrifice quality to save a couple bucks. You'll thank us when your client doesn't have to call you due to sagging, tearing, flaking, yellowing, or fading!

12 Color Canon LUCIA EX Inks - Most manufacturers print all of their canvases using 6 or 8 color printers. Our printers use 12 colors, allowing us to produce an unbelievably wide color gamut to ensure subtle photographic details don't go missing. These pigmented colors are rated to last up to 100 years on display when properly coated with our UV coating (description below). You can see the difference when you look at the darkest and lightest colors in the printed canvas.

Custom Cut Stretcher Bars - Our carefully selected stretcher bars are manufactured in America and custom cut to order. Our wooden bars embody the perfect combination of strength, lightness, and smooth finishing. We wedge-join our stretcher bars to ensure perfectly square, strong corners. We offer 2 thicknesses: 1.5" (Standard - for hanging on the wall without a frame) and 0.75" (Optional - For hanging on the wall without a frame OR for framing)

Stainless Steel Staples - A lot of manufacturers use regular staples which can rust and stain your wall. We go the extra mile to ensure long lasting durability.

Satin Protective UV Coating - We use a color-enhancing Satin UV coat/varnish that makes your images pop while protecting against tearing, flaking, and fading. We have adopted a unique spraying process that finishes your work of art with an even clear coat that shimmers.

Our Experience Works For You

All of our gallery wrapped canvas prints are hand-stretched and inspected before shipping. Why do we hand stretch each one? Because no machine can replace the technique, precision, and quality of an experienced professional. Also, using a specially modified tool, we are able to get you a stretch that is far more taut and less prone to sagging than any other volume printers.

Speedy Turnaround Times

Our warehouse equipment and process innovations have enabled us to give you one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Typically, we can get a canvas printed, dried, coated, stretched, and shipped within 2-3 business days! This is including the 24-hour period for the ink to dry properly (in order to further prevent flaking)!

Bulk Same-Print Discounts

The more you order, the more you save! We offer bulk discounts ranging from 3% to 10%, depending on the number of duplicates you wish to purchase.

Free Standard Shipping within the Continental USA

Every order receives free standard shipping to any destination within the Continental USA! We also offer direct-to-customer delivery with branded shipping and blind shipping. We typically ship through UPS and you can expect your canvas gallery wrap to arrive within 6 days of the shipment date. Expedited delivery service is available at extra charge.